The Girl

Hey there!

I'm Mahalia. Or M. Or basically anything of that sort.

I'm a firm believer in music and books as medicine, in the burnt bits when cooking custard and in leaving homework until the last minute. I am sarcastic sometimes, a writer mostly, inside too often, a lover of summer and winter and autumn and spring. I probably won't correct you if you say my name wrong (which you probably are..) but I'll tell you it means "woman of power" and that it's care of Mahalia Barnes. I'm the third of four children and Tasmania will forever be where my heart is. I wear my hair unbrushed and feet without socks, please.

Everything on Love 'Em is created entirely by myself. I have personally worked so hard on everything on here and it is the proudest I am of anything.

Why not hang with me for a while and see what you think?

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