Wednesday, October 18, 2017

RYA PARK || Billy

RYA PARK is the indie new comer ready to name and shame a past lover with her sultry new tune Billy. Rya Park is ready to make her mark and she's unapologetic in her road to getting there. Dropping the track on October 6, Rya holds her own in the accompanying video - perched alone and singing direct to camera. It's personal and direct while meaning a whole lot of business. 

With new shows ahead in November, Rya explains her passion for live performance say "[it's] definitely one of my favourite things about making be able to share the music you've been working on live with fans is just such a unique experience".

Billy is a song that leaves you wanting just a little bit more; much like Rya Park herself.

Thanks so much for stopping by for a chat! How’s 2017 been treating you so far?
This year has gone so fast and has been an absolute blast. Being in the studio recording my EP with Peter Farnan, was such a fantastic experience and I seriously loved every moment. I’ve been performing lots with my band around town and am really looking forward to going on tour in November!

Your debut track Billy is an entrance that pulls no punches, how has it changed over the writing and recording process?
It hardly changed at all. Normally I pull apart my lyrics but for Billy it all just came out very organically onto the page and I just really liked the way I could say exactly what I thought without holding back. Within the recording process it changed slightly in some sections. Peter and I were definitely on the same page with the recording process as we didn’t want my music to be overproduced at all. Some parts of the song he would just press record and say “do something”. That’s what actually formed one of the sections in the song!

It’s clearly written with someone in mind, did knowing they might hear the song affect it in any way?
At the time of writing it, it had actually been a few years since I’d spoken to that person and in a way I did really want to grab their attention. I thought about changing the name a lot because I was nervous about it being so direct but in the end I just loved the concept of it being so raw and honest and about a real person. 

With this being your first official single, were you nervous about the best song for the job? Were there others in the running or was Billy always going to be the debut?
There was definitely another song in the running, however I think Billy painted the best picture for the vibe that I wanted to put out there as my first song. It’s dark, it’s moody and knowing that it was slightly left of field made me want to release it first. I like to think of it as a bit of a teaser into my musical world rather than my “best song”. 

I’m a huge fan of the video for this track: straight to the point and unashamed to take up space, kudos! How did you find the process?
Thankyou! Dan Howe was the director for the film clip and we had an incredible time planning the shoot. He’s seen me perform so many times so he knew exactly what I meant when I said I wanted to create a mood and vibe for the video rather than depict a certain storyline. The process was very simple but still very well and clearly thought out. I was so excited to get behind the camera though! I loved it.

How has it felt so far to perform this track live and to get feedback straight away from the audience?
It was amazing to be able to perform the song live. The feedback I have received for Billy so far has been incredible. It’s really humbling when you can feel that people are just rooting for you!

   Thursday 9 November | THE EVELYN, MELBOURNE | 18+

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Friday, January 27, 2017

"Gin makes me tick." || Meet CLOVES

Hello, I’m Cloves and gin makes me tick. It's a solid introduction, straight to the point in a way that matches her music, even while seemingly opposing her girl-next-door-turned-rock-chick look. Barely in her twenties, this powerhouse from Melbourne has already paved herself a path to London, an EP and now the lead single from her upcoming album is here, with a class video in tow.

Explaining the latest track, Better Now, Cloves explains the tune as coming "from the breakdown of a long-term relationship and the internal dialogue of the time". In her typically blunt style, the singer is direct in her relationship to the song but says that music is also "up for the listeners' interpretation". It's this matter of fact style that sets her apart from everyone else, despite the common themes that run through her music - love, relationships and how people deal when these things fall apart. "I just try to write something that feels as genuine to me as possible," Cloves explains.

With the album in the pipelines for more than two years, Cloves is "very happy" to have a release date within the year. Citing it as her career high thus far, Cloves is the hardworking sweetheart that the music scene has been missing. And while she easily admits that the process of writing and recording her debut LP, Cloves is just as quick to remind everyone, if not just herself, that it's been a fulfilling journey, too.

And finally, hearing your track Don’t Forget About Me in the movie ‘Me Before You’ must’ve been quite something, is this something you’d be keen to do again?
Yes, I would love to write more for film soundtracks!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Masters of Sgt Pepper || Panel Event

Fans of The Beatles, and honestly who doesn't fit that category, are in for a treat this coming February with a music panel event headed for Southbank. In celebration of the revolutionary album Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which spent twenty-seven weeks on top of the album charts in the United Kingdom and fifteen at #1 in the USA. Just casual for a rock band that spent its entire career blazing the trail for pop culture and was the undoubted beginning of boy band hysteria (despite being, arguably, not a boy band).

Aussie fans are set to gain inclusive insight into the makings of the album, with engineers Geoff Emerick and Richard Lush ready to share the highs and lows of the creative process. Complete with personality clashes, the hows of recording and the stories behind the tunes, this is the once in a lifetime event that Beatles fanatics have waited half a century for. For some people it's just music, but for true fans, musicians or anyone who want something deeper, this is the chance to, figuratively at least, meet the band and learn what made them tick. A live audience Q&A session is set to ensure all the important details are covered.

Guests will be greeted and treated by a string quartet in the venue foyer playing renditions of Beatles hits and exclusive memorabilia will be available for purchase. Attendees are in for a stunning experience at Planetshakers Auditorium; the event set to be the sweetest way to honour an album that is both an icon in music history and holds personal sentiment for so many.

In (almost) every bands' career there is an album that stands apart and doesn't need to be toured, tweaked or performed live to make its mark. Pink Floyd had The Dark Side Of The Moon, Cold Chisel had East and The Beatles have Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Although a mouthful, the album has withstood time, change in popular genre and the end of the band's active musical presence. 

The Masters of Sgt Pepper panel event is being held at Planetshakers Auditorium on February 24 and 25. Tickets are available at the link below.